Monday, August 17, 2015

Just Like Him..

The relationship between us and our Heavenly Father, Abba Father, 

Here is the link to the song that gave me the inspiration for today's blog. I hope the song blesses you.
I know many of you were not blessed with a godly, honorable father. I was blessed from the moment of conception. My dad was my hero. I remember walking hand in hand with him at our county fair, thinking how proud I was to have him as my Daddy. 
We have a heavenly Father Who loves us even more than my Daddy loved me. We can call Him Abba Father, (Daddy) He wants us to have that special relationship. He wants us to be proud to walk with Him. Take a moment and listen to this song that honors my earthly dad. Even though he went home to Abba Father in December, 1996, his love was and still is felt down through the generations. This song is written and sung by his grandson. 

And even if your earthly dad didn't or doesn't stack up, know that you, through Yeshua, can experience that special bond with Abba Father.

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